• Smoke free homes & the elements of stopping smoking.
  • The aim is to be confidence to raise the issues of smoking, second hand smoke & pregnancy with niche tobacco, harmful health risk and benefits of quitting.
  • Major causes of Death in England – 81400 deaths from smoking.
  • Major health consequences of smoking / Strokes / Heart Disease / Cancer.
  • There are over 4000 chemicals that are produced by a lit cigarette.
  • Recent Government actions/changes to the law.
  • Brief intervention Recommendations about quitting smoking.
  • Raising the Issue of smoking & the impact of smoking.
  • General Smoking facts about the population.
  • A brief advice model for stopping smoking.
  • Tackling Tobacco Together Training”
  • Cannabis Smoking and Health.
  • Facts about Electronic Cigarettes.
  • Niche Tobacco.
  • Niche Tobacco / Oral Tobacco / Smokeless Tobacco.
  • Oral tobacco products – Pan Masala / Gutkha / Khaini.
  • Niche Cigarette products – Blunt Rap / Beedi.
  • Shisha/ Hookah Pipes.
  • Shisha / Hookah pipe – Truths and Myths.
  • One third of children in Lancashire live in a house with a smoker.
  • The impact on your body when inhaling second hand smoke.
  • Smoking risk in context.
  • Effects of second hand smoke on the body.
  • Health risks associated with smoking.
  • Smoking Health risks in children.
  • Health risk in children with second hand smoke.
  • Smoke free homes pledge.
  • Smoke free home pledge form?”
  • Smoking in pregnancy.
  • Second hand smoke and the effects on the unborn baby”.
  • Key smoking in pregnancy messages”
  • Safer sleep for baby campaign.
  • Safer sleep for baby’s information and tips.
  • Smoke free Homes free postal address.
  • Smoke free pregnancy form?”
  • Smoke free homes conclusion.
  • Smoke free homes references for information.
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