Safer sleep for baby

Each year around 290 infants in Lancashire will die before they reach their first birthday.

No-one wants to think that the worst will happen to their baby but it’s important that parents and carers know the dangers and what they can do about them.

Do you know your six steps?

Safer sleep for baby focuses on six easy to follow steps which you can follow any time you put your baby down to sleep.

  1. Keep baby away from smoke, before and after birth.
  2. Put baby in a cot, crib or moses basket to sleep - never fall asleep with them on a sofa or chair.
  3. Never fall asleep with baby after drinking or taking drugs/medication.
  4. Put baby to sleep on their back with their feet to the foot of the cot.
  5. Keep baby's head and face uncovered and make sure they don't get too hot.
  6. Breastfeed your baby - support is available if you need it.

Your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first six months

Sleeping away from home?

If your baby is going to be sleeping somewhere different for the first time, whether this is on holiday or at a baby sitters, it's important that whoever is looking after them follows the safer sleep advice.

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