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Tobacco that you don’t smoke (including paan masala, Gutkha, Khaini and chewing tobacco) is not a ‘safe’ way to use tobacco. It causes cancer and can be as addictive as smoking.

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Pan Masala
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Cigarette Products

Smoking increases your risk of cancerheart disease and respiratory (breathing) disease. This is true whether you smoke blunt wraps, bidi (thin cigarettes of tobacco wrapped in brown tendu leaf) or shisha (also known as a water pipe or hookah)

Packages of Blunt Wrap
Blunt Wrap

Shisha / Hookah

A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco called shisha in which the vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin — often glass-based — before inhilation. Sucking on the hose causes a vacuum in the air space above the water, causing smoke to pass through the water producing bubbles, hence the common name “hubble-bubble”

A World Health Organization study has suggested that during one session on a hookah (around 20 to 80 minutes) a person can inhale the same amount of smoke as a cigarette smoker consuming 100 or more cigarettes. Hookah smoke also contains nicotine, cancer-causing chemicals and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide

Hookah instrument and Shisha packages

Visit the NHS for further information on these products and for advice on quitting smoking.

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