Why quit?

Everybody has their own personal reason for wanting to give up smoking.

Some people give up as part of a larger lifestyle change - to be healthier, to get fit, or to save money.

For some, it’s more about how their smoking affects the people around them—their family, friends, and little ones.

Whatever your reason, thinking carefully about your motivation and keeping a reminder in key places can be really helpful for keeping you going through the tough times.

Health benefits

You probably know that smoking is one of the biggest preventable causes of premature death in the UK. It’s linked to a range of serious and often fatal conditions; including heart disease and lung cancer.

But there is good news. No matter what your age or how long you've been smoking, almost as soon as you quit, the health benefits begin.

Are you under 35? If you stop now, it’s likely you’ll live just as long as a non-smoker.

And even if you’re between 65 and 74, give up smoking and you'll have a better life expectancy beyond 75 than those who continue to smoke.


20 minutes
Your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal
8 hours
Nicotine and carbon monoxide start to leave your body and oxygen levels return to normal.
24 hours
Your lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.
48 hours
Nicotine has been eliminated from your body and your sense of smell and taste both improve.
2–12 weeks
Exercise becomes easier and your breathing improves.
3–9 months
Any coughs, wheezing and breathing problems are reduced as your lungs repair.
1 year
Your risk of coronary heart disease is now half that of a smoker.

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be about losing something—it’s about getting something back too.

Currently a packet of 20 cigarettes costs around £8, so quitting will give a 20-a-day smoker an extra £56 a week.

Benefits of stopping smoking

The benefits of stopping smoking soon start to add up. For a 20-a-day smoker, in

1 day
You’ll have enough money to rent a movie or buy a few magazines.
1 week
You could have enough money for a new pair of shoes, or a facial, a (really) cheap flight, a DVD boxset, a paintballing day, or a day at the races.
1 month
You could save enough for a shopping spree or premiership football tickets, or even a day rally driving.
3 months
You could afford two weeks in the sun, a new laptop, or the latest flat screen TV.
6 months
You’ll have saved enough for a football season ticket, a family holiday, your own home cinema, or a top of the range bicycle
1 year
You’ll be able to afford a new kitchen, flash designer jewellery, a car or a luxury leather sofa suite!
Visit the NHS for further information
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